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Founder's Message

Founder’s Message

“Indeed, better risk management may be the only truly necessary element of success in running a business.

Dear all,
In a world where money flows back and forth in every perceivable direction, between small-time businesses, established organisations and large conglomerates, risk is an inevitable factor of growth. ‘Growth’ is what every business aims for. It is what every development in an enterprise strives to achieve. Needless to say, the ‘risk’ goes hand-in-hand.
Our team at Compass RSS has but one objective. We take care of your risk management so that you may be free to focus on the growth of your business. My philosophy, and this is something that I live by professionally, is that my client’s problems, are my own. Therefore, my team and I regard my client’s problems as a top priority concern and work to resolve it as smoothly as possible. We are highly efficient and successful in doing so because my team shares my beliefs and core values.
As a team, we remain focused on transforming to accept greater challenges and finding better solutions for our clients’ businesses. As always we are open to building fruitful relationships with more clients.

Nasser Al-Khamisi