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Debt Recovery

At Compass RSS, we view cash flow as the lifeline of a business. It determines one’s success and continuity in the industry. However, when there are too many debtors with outstanding monies, your business operations can become seriously compromised.

This is where we can help!

Compass RSS’s Credit Collection Services enables you to provide us with accounts at no extra charge. Our Debt Recovery Services are based on a “No Collection, No Fee” model. We only collect commission on monies collected, whether they are paid directly to clients or via our office. We will continue to provide our debt collection help until the entire account is resolved.

Our Debt Collection Services Inventory includes:

  1. Locating Lost Customers
    At Compass Risk Support Services, we make every possible effort to locate customers and their assets. We rely on highly specific skip-tracing techniques combined with online local and national database research to pinpoint lost customers.
  2. Reporting to the Credit Bureau
    Compass RSS reports verifiable claims to the nation’s credit bureau.
  3. Debt Recovery Services
    Our focus on every call is to resolve the account. Most of the time, the end result is a full payment. During our contact phase, we will assess your customer’s financial information and condition to determine the likelihood of an immediate payoff.
  4. Trained Debt Collectors
    Compass RSS’s debt collectors are trained and skilled at effective listening and gathering information to assess a customer’s financial situation. Through precise documentation strategies, our recovery agents can determine the most suitable course of action to take in the face of current and or future collection phases.
  5. Customer Oriented Approach
    An important variable in resolving debt expediently is to gain customer confidence. Our collectors are able to accomplish this by treating your customers with respect and dignity. We rely on positive communication with all customers to help them understand the gravity of not paying their account.

Advantages of Compass RSS’s Credit Collection Services

Our Debt Collection Services will provide you with the following benefits:

  • 3rd party debt collection at competitive rates
  • No up-front charges
  • All our collectors are trained and certified
  • We utilize a customer-oriented, friendly approach
  • Reporting to the credit bureau
  • Locating lost customers
  • Access to in-house attorneys
  • Litigation Department
  • Online Account Management
  • Simple Client set-up process

We are the leading debt recovery firm in Oman for a reason: We have a 100% successful track record!

Learn how Compass RSS’s Debt Collection Services team can maximize your debit collection. Contact us today!