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Our Services

Skip Tracing and Field Visits

At Compass RSS, our Skip Tracing Services and Field Visits Division attempts to locate lost customers and establish a connection with them. Our team is fully insured and bonded in their ability to provide these services.

In a skip search, we rely on the uncanny abilities and expertise of our skip search investigator to locate and establish contact with absentee debtors. They are the first point of contact between you (the company) and customer.

Similarly, our field inspector possesses the knack and charisma of establishing an amicable contact with your customer. This is important as it quickens the process of establishing a repayment schedule with the debtor. Our focus on building a friendly relationship is what makes us one of the most successful field inspection companies in the industry.

Our Stellar Skip Tracing Services

This service is a part of our standard recovery procedure. Our Skip Tracing Services are highly sought after by insurance companies, banks, attorneys, lending institutions and recovery services. Compass RSS’s team works tirelessly to locate delinquent debtors and missing persons. We utilize the most up-to-date data sources to locate missing persons. Even the most elusive skippers are easily tracked by our experienced professionals. We can provide additional skip tracing services at an extra cost.

There are many factors that influence skip tracing. If the main goal is to find the whereabouts of a person, the task of finding such information will depend on the details that are already known.

Please note, we only use ethical and legal means to locate missing persons.

One of the most reliable Field Inspection Companies

Our Field Inspections division provides affordable and prompt solutions which are a better option to repossession. Field inspections provide you with a chance to re-establish connections with customers.

During a field call, our agent will visit the debtor’s location to confirm their contact information. During this visit, he or she will discuss the ramifications of not paying their outstanding debts. The agent will also make arrangements to have the debt paid immediately or through approved arrangements.

A field visit from our licensed agents demonstrates to the debtor that your business is taking the outstanding debt very seriously and does not wish to simply “write it off”.

Details obtained from the field visit are used to determine whether legal actions are required.

We rely on multiple resources to conduct our Field Inspections. Some of these are:

  • National Databases
  • Information obtained from public, private and personal sources
  • Locating unlisted numbers from names and addresses
  • Locating names and addresses from cellular numbers and pagers
  • Retrieving names and addresses from Post Office Box Numbers

For more information about our Skip Tracing and Field Visit Divisions, please contact Compass Risk Support Services today.